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Croqqer: voice your need, share your talent

Croqqer is the first European platform matching demand and supply of services and tasks, both done at your home (like gardening, house cleaning, baby or pet sitting, painting, etc.) and remotely (website development, translations, lessons, logo design etc.).

On Croqqer you can post your need for help on a task that you don’t have time or ability to do. Your choose whether you pay, barter or look for a volunteer.

We have found local talents who might live just around the corner of your street that can match your needs!

Publishing of a request is fir free. Once done, wait for the replies, check the Croqqer profiles and reviews and choose the one best fit for you.

Or you can offer yourself to do tasks, make some extra income and be helpful.

Missing your country and want to help start-up? Mail to

About Croqqer

We are a global community built on values: we believe in making society and the biosphere better, without compromise. Creating and fostering local clusters of people who share and exchange their time and talents, and by doing so unite as humans again.

Croqqer creates well-being and improves people’s lives by fostering trust-based neighborhoods and allowing people to dedicate their time to what they love the most. And Croqqer is always local for local, while all its communities remain open, inclusive, interdependent and interconnected. We are a Benefit Corporation and our preferred currencies are trust and mutual respect.