Social Impact for Croqqer explained (SROI - Social Return On Investment)

Social Impact

Social Impact (SROI – Social Return On Investment) for Croqqer explained

Croqqer facilitates social interactions within neighbourhoods. This leads to an increase of social cohesion between neighbours thus improving quality of life:

Social Impact SROI

Creating Social Value
Next to creating economic value, these interactions also hold a social value. This value is based on three pillars, notably:

1. Healthcare
2. Social welfare
3. Employment

Croqqer’s social added value has been assessed thoroughly in the Croqqer Social Impact Model, as further described below:

Social Impact SROI Benefit Logic

Social Value: benefit logic

Healthcare savings: Croqqer realizes healthcare savings related to the aging population, safety and loneliness.
The aging population will increase healthcare demand. As such, elderlies are stimulated to remain living home. This increases the need for care in and around the house. Croqqer facilitates this need:

– improvement of self-reliance, extended living at home
– tailored extension of existing healthcare services

Do-it-yourself (DIY) activities annually lead up to 200,000 injuries, the majority of which concerns people with little or no experience. Furthermore, many elderlies get injured annually while conducting housekeeping tasks. Croqqer offers:
– experienced tasks performers, which will diminish injuries involved with DIY tasks
– elderly housekeeping support, which will prevent accidents

Lonely people on average make increased use of healthcare services. Almost 40% of the adult population feels, to some extent, lonely. Consequently, this is currently recognized as a social issue. Croqqer offers:
– Social contact, diminishing feelings of loneliness
– Local networks, improving social cohesion

Social welfare: A clear relationship exists between environment and health. Next to the physical aspects, social aspects impact environment and subsequently health and quality of life. Croqqer offers:
– social interactions that lead to more social cohesion and a higher quality of life
– not just a digital meeting place, but also a physical one: Croqqer meet-ups

Consequently causing:
– savings in public space maintenance
– improved security
– savings of community and welfare
– revenues for local clubs

Employment: Finally, Croqqer offers employment to persons who otherwise would have been (partially) dependent on social security. Croqqer offers the chance to attain knowledge and experience, which increases confidence, self-esteem and job opportunities. Croqqer makes people actively participate in society. This implies:
– knowledge and experience attainment, leading to improved job market positions
– an alternative for existing reintegration and activation government programs

Linking Social Value to Social Impact Croqqer initiated a Social Impact measurement. It shows that for each Croqqer task of 1,00 € value, Croqqer realizes a social impact value in the range of 0,83 € to 4,00 €.

Our Social Impact analysis was underpinned by a study of the largest Dutch insurance company: Achmea. They commissioned The Hague-based True Price Foundation to research the social value creation of four fast-growing Dutch and sharing economy platforms Croqqer, SnappCar, Thuisafgehaald and Peerby.
Published in February 2015, the study ( reveals that together these 4 initiatives created a social value of € 4 million due to more and better social relations between people, increased autonomy and health.
The Bocconi University Milan performed a similar study with the following outcome:

SROI Social Return On Investement

SROI of Croqqer